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Portable LED work Light

Novavox offers the most comprehensive range of lighting products for a wide variety of designs,Including Handheld Spotlight , Scope Mounted Lamp, Portable spotlight, Remote LED Work Light and so on.

Case Work

1. HARD PLASTIC CASES: Military standard.More than 30 different sizes from small, medium to large ones.

2.GUN CASES & VAULT: For pistols,rifles, shotguns, airguns, double rifle with scope etc.

3.MICRO WATERPROOF CASES: 7 different sizes of case for  protecting your small valueables.

4.DRY BOXES & AMMO CASES: Gun cleaning range box, 9 different ammo boxes,6 different dry boxes.

5. ROTO MOLDED CASES & DESK: More than 10 different sizes military standard cases.

6. BIKE CASES: 4 different sizes for road bike,MTB,Folding bicycle etc.

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