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EMS Training System

With EMS you can potentially electrically stimulate these resting muscle fibres to improve their strength. Clinically, EMS appears to be more effective when the muscles are very weak and you have difficulty performing normal anti-gravity exercises.

Children Growth Stimulator

Recent studies have shown that a slight electrical impulse to the growth point of a child during a walking exercise can increase the concentration of growth hormone (GH) and growth factor (IGF-I) in the human blood. This device is a child growth stimulator designed based on the above research results. It can generate electric stimulation signal of 4 terminal circuit and can act on 4 child growth points of child's leg and arm.

novavox micro fractional RF
Micro Fractional RF


IThe iFrax System uses fractional RF energy delivered through pins that may be used for ablation, coagulation, and sub necrotic heating at various tissue temperatures.

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