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Hospital Equipment

novavox ultrasound bmd
Ultrasonic BMD

SPUS-N is an ultrasound device that thoroughly changes the bone measurement method, measure SOS(Speed of sound) of finger bone based on vertical axis transmission method.

All measurement courses and results can b appeared on the display timely and it is easy for users to check the result and may print the result.

novavox operation table
Operation Table

The operating table is based on the mechanical transmission of electric power,safety integrated voltage-controlled surgical operating table.

novavox operation lamp
Operation Lamp


Large ellipse light head and large field diameter offers optimum illuminate in obstructed area and the symmetric shape of lamp head provides perfect shadow control.

Natural white light which can spot-light and render a most vivid and brilliant surgical area for the surgeon.

novavox scrub station
Scrub station

our Scrub Station is complete equipment with a special micro-filtering system, heating system for hot water and UV sterilizer.

With heavy duty stainless steel 304 construction for rust proof and corrosion resistance.

novavox oxygen supply system for education
Oxygen Supply System For Education

Head console system is designed to compose medical gas (oxygen, air, vacuum, N20) and its length can be changed according to customer request.

Nurse call option can be requested by customer.

Length of standard : 1,280mm 

novavox ENT spray
ENT Spray

ENT Spray Guns of Kawanishi and Daichi Type.

ent spray
novavox amflow

Easily connectable to mask and ET tube.

Lightweight and hand-held.

Selectable operating modes for infant, pediatric or for adult use.

Prevents patient hyperpnea during emergency transfers.

novavox amflow

Medisim is practical training simulator for education purpose of blood pressure/pulse, airway intubation, and intravenous injection.

Realistic mannequin with both practical and practical evaluation.

제목 없음-1.png

IV-PLUS is practical training simulator for education purpose of pulse,  and intravenous injection.

Product Development with Professor of Health and Medical Service

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