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Dental Laboratory

novavox dental lab workbench
Dental Lab Workbench

Our workbench is designed to keep the most comfortable posture considering the health of the dental technician.

novavox dental lab suction
Dental lab suction system

Safe and strong suction power.

Good durability, low noise and low vibration 

novavox dental lab cabinet
Lab Cabinet System


Our Dental LAB cabinet looks simple but has many features.

Effective use of this cabinet can make workflows simpler, increase productivity, and save a lot of time.

And these cabinets fully support the unique needs of dental labs.

novavox dental lab microscope

Sharp Stereo Erect Image.

Easily Maneuverable Optical Head.

With adapter for mounting LED Ring Light

Objective: 0.8X.

novavox dental lab accessories
LAB Accessories

Novavox offers only the best in dental lab Accessories.


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