Dental Office

novavox dental unitchair
NOVAVOX Dental Unit & Chair

Visiting the dentist can be an uneasy experience for any patient.

In order to ease the patient's fear, choose novavox's advanced and safe technology. 

Experience the design with a comfortable and supportive headrest, ergonomical backseat.

novavox dental suction system
Dental Suction System

Safe and strong suction power.

Good durability, low noise and low vibration usable for dental unit and chair from 1 set to 3 set.

Dental Compressor


Compact design. Low noise, low vibration.

The best durability with safety double head.

Clean air output installed after cooler and air filter. Vacuum loading time 24hr

Over current protection sensor and motor sensor for overheat protection installed.

novavox dental compressor
novavox mobile dust collector
Mobile Dust Collector

Ergonomic design for operator's posture and use triple filtering system.

Suction strength is 1.2HP 1-50Liter/Sec

The lowest noise structure included full sound proof.

Micro motor speed range is 0-35,000RPM included foot pedal control.

Aerosol UV & Dust collector 

Safe and strong suction power.

Good durability, low noise and low vibration 

novavox dental cabinet system
Dental Cabinet System

Metal material with heat processed powder coated body.

LG Hi-max marble counter top(made in Korea).

Stop and soft closing slide rail(made in Germany)

ABS compartment insert trays are included inside of each drawer.

novavox dental non toxic insert tray
Non Toxic Insert Tray

The Tray comes with 6 models.

 Simplify your life and beautify your utensil drawer with novavox non-toxic insert tray.

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         Dental Unit & Chair                      Dental Office    

         Dental Suction System                    

         Dental Compressor                      

         Mobile Dust Collector

         Dental Hood Suction                   

         Non Toxic Insert Tray                

         Dental Cabinet System                  

         Dental Lab Work Bench               Dental Laboratory 

         Dental Lab Suction System

         Portable Dust Collector                

         Lab Cabinet System                                                        


         Lab Accessories                            

         Dental Phantom Training Table    Dental Hygiene

         Mobile Cabinet                                

         Ultrasonic BMD      Hospital Equipment

         Operation Table     

         Operation Lamp     

         Scrub station           

         Medical Cabinet      Hospital Furniture

         Hospital Bed

         Hospital Cart

         Operating Room Equipments

         Oxygen Supply System For Education   

         ENT Spray




​  Industrial 

         EMS Traning System

        Children Growth Stimulator

         Micro Fractional RF

         Health Food - Sea Grape


         Wire Harness Design - Automatic Bundler

         Monitor Lifting Unit

         Portable LED Work Light

         Case Work

         3D printer 


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