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Hospital Furniture

novavox medical cabinet
Medical Cabinet

Body Frame Stainless Plate.

Table Top Stainless Plate. 

Drawer ABS Molded with Basket.

Sink Bowl Stainless Steel.

novavox hospital bed
Hospital Bed

Motorized back raise, Knee raise, hi-low adjustment, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg.

Detachable headboard and footboard.

novavox operating room equipment system
Operating Room Equipment System


Wall mounted instrument Cabinets for the operating room.

our cabinets are designed to provide instant access to supplies and equipment

novavox hospital cart
Hospital Cart

Unnecessary space is removed and work area is maximized.

The drawers are not opened out when moving and running.

Various monitor shelves can be met by users need and work area of the nurse can be adjustable by themselves.

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